Proud Boys is a fraternal organization made up of chapters scattered around the world. We are a drinking club with Regional, State and City Chapters. Dependent upon the location of the chapter, the traditions and culture of that club may vary, but we are all WESTERN CHAUVINISTS THAT BELIEVE THE WEST IS THE BEST. 

There is no national hierarchy. If you’ve been contacted about joining a national virtual chapter that has meetups on zoom calls, you have been misled. This is not something that we do. We meet in person. We do not have “Traveling Rally Chapters”. Some Proud Boys have attended rallies and some have not over the years. There is not now, and there will never be, any rallying required to be a part of this club.

There NOW exists THREE, and only THREE, chapters in the State of Oklahoma.  OKC, Tulsa (Boom City) and FT. SMITH AREA Proud Boys. If you are part of a rogue chapter, you are fake and gay.

Proud Boy Core Tenets

  • Abolish Prisons
  • Give Everyone A Gun
  • End the Drug War
  • End Welfare
  • Close the Borders
  • Outlaw Censorship
  • Venerate the Housewife
  • Glorify the Entrepreneur
  • Anti-Racial Guilt
  • Acknowledge that the West is Best
  • Shutdown the Government